Mohawk Nation Office Closed May 5th for Jake Fire Day

Mohawk Nation Office will be closed May5th for commemoration of Jake Fire Day and will reopen Monday May 8th


On February 22, 2016, Haudenosaunee leaders met with U.S. officials at the White House in Washington, DC to commemorate and formally acknowledge the Canandaigua Treaty. The treaty was signed on November 11, 1794, and ratified by President George Washington on February 21, 1795, 300 years and one day before this historic meeting. Please open this link to read the text of the treaty:
Filmed and edited by Gwendolen Cates

Seed Ceremony April 30th, 9am @Mohawk Nation Longhouse

Seed ceremony April 30th, 9am at the Mohawk Nation Longhouse. Please bring natural/traditional, non gmo seeds for the bowl game and ingredients for the meal afterwards. Traditional clothing is encouraged. Niawenhkowa spread the word.

Spring Sing - April15 @ Akwesasne Mohawk Nation Longhouse

Ionkwatshennón:ni tsi nón:wa eniakwarihwakétsko ne Spring Sing. Aetewakia'tarò:roke tánon aetewaterennotónnion. 
(We are happy to be hosting the Spring Sing. We will gather and we will sing.)

Kwahonkará:wis aontésewe Onerahtókha 15, 2017. Akwesasne, Kanonhséhsne (MNLH) nón:we.
(We invite you to come on April 15, 2017 in Akwesasne at the Longhouse.)

11am- Enietshiia'tará:ko tsi niká:ien enkietshiiaténniehte. Eniakwakia'tarò:roke tánon eniakwatsiáhaien. 
(11am- Singing Society delegates will gather to meet.)

12pm- Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen enkawennohétston, thó:ne ó:nen entitewatáhsawen entewaterennó:ten.
(12pm- Opening will be put through, and then we will start singing.)